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Why We Veto the Keto Diet…and You Should Too!

The keto diet, and others like it (Paleo, Atkins, South Beach), have become ubiquitous in our diet culture because of their rapid weight-loss effects. Unfortunately, that weight loss has come at a major cost, and that cost is our overall health. Not only are we not getting thinner as a society, but we’re also definitely not getting any healthier.

Consuming a high-protein, high-fat diet that is overloaded with saturated fats, oils, acid, and cholesterol, is a physiological parlor trick, as Dr. Michael Klaper says.

People are trading years of vibrant life for pounds on a scale, which is not a trade you should be willing to make. 

Dr. Michael Klaper

In addition, high protein diets increase your risk of cancers, bone damage, including osteoporosis, and kidney diseases.

Yes, humans are designed to eat clean protein and healthy fats, BUT we are also designed to eat a diet rich in wholesome, unprocessed carbohydrates as our primary fuel source. Our brains run on carbs!  

Here’s a simple truth: Plants have protein, they have plenty of it, and it’s 100 percent healthy!

Rip Esselstyn, excerpt from the engine2 seven-day rescue diet


Watch the video to learn why we veto keto — and you should too!



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